Saturday, August 27, 2005


Happy Janmashtami All!! :)

The ultimate God, son, boyfriend, husband, father, teacher, friend, ally, statesman, politician,Warrior and King was born today, in more saintly times.
He taught that the material and the spiritual need not be mutually exclusive.

Learn from the life of Lord Krishna - Be Happy Always and do your job as best as you can!!!

Specially this goes out to Jay (the krishna bhakta version of her many gemini selfs)
Brinda (who has so many connections with the lord that she married Murali)
Vinodhini (the iyengar - hence the krishna connection)
Divya (God Bless you)

Everyone in the universe- May there be peace on earth.

Jai Sri Krishna

Short and sweet,

Wednesday, August 10, 2005


These days I am the 'Angry not-so-young Woman'.
There may be a gazillion pithys, maxims and sayings for and against people will issues in keeping their volatile temper; but all of those don't serve one tiny little bit when you want to kill someone.

'If you let someone get to you...then its easy for them to win', said Niyas over cocktail exotica, the supposed blend of soft fruits which in reality, as he and I found, was just a fancy way of saying 'we mash bananas, serve it in a closed cup and make monkeys of you'. That made me very angry. By 'that' I mean the truth of his statement and the people who take my money and make me my own less evolved ancestor.

Ma says yoga would help. Tried to join a class, turns out (as my luck would have it), that the classes have been cancelled for the whole of this week. THis did not make me happy at all. (figures, right?...)

Root of anger is helplessness and/or disappointment. Both are caused by non-fullfillment of expectations- those that one has of himself and those he has from others.
I know causes to my anger and also that there is highly very little (sounded better than saying -nothing) that I can do to make things better.

THe cliched 'time heals all' is the only projection work looking at for now. If that also turns out to be junk like the rest of the sayings...yeah well I couldnt get angrier than I am now.

Pa says 'holidays heal the soul'. He is a very astute man. Lets hope my holiday over the coming long weekend gives me independence from my constant companions - irritation and anger.

Some wiseguys have long ago mentioned something to the effect of 'be angry and you'll screw everything up'- that is 100% true. I have enough testimonials from my life within the last 2 weeks to make a long-running mega serial over that theme.

Also, if someone says 'one day at a time' to me once again, it is to be taken that he/she has just uttered his/her last words. Don't say I didnt warn...

The highly belated disclaimer: If you are a sensitive, good person or a child apt to get scared soon or a pregnant woman or a heart patient who does not like bad vibes, you should not have read the post above.

Turning to the dark side of the force,
Barely holding on till better times arrive,