Friday, October 29, 2004

Singin in the Rain

"Rainy Night In Georgia"
and "Kentucky Rain"
"Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling Again",
"Blue Eyes Cryin" in the "Early Morning Rain"
They go on and on, and there's no two the same
Oh it would be easy to blame all these
Songs About Rain

Something about Singing and Rain.

I'm only happy when it rains
I'm only happy when it's complicated
And though I know you can't appreciate it
I'm only happy when it rains

Not always a "happy" song... sometimes "hopeful"...

Raindrops keep fallin' on my head
And just like the guy whose feet are too big for his bed
Nothin' seems to fit
Those raindrops are fallin' on my head, they keep fallin'

So I just did me some talkin' to the sun
And I said I didn't like the way he got things done
Sleepin' on the job
Those raindrops are fallin' on my head, they keep fallin'

But there's one thing I know
The blues they send to meet me won't defeat me
It won't be long till happiness steps up to greet me

Raindrops keep fallin' on my head
But that doesn't mean my eyes will soon be turnin' red
Cryin's not for me
'Cause I'm never gonna stop the rain by complainin'
Because I'm free
Nothin's worryin' me
Attention: All those scratching yer heads in confusion, watch "Butch cassidy and the Sundance Kid". Starring - Paul Newman and Robert Redford.

So its been raining for two days here. people get pretty emotional during rains...which would perhaps explain the singing and the longing... For me, so far its been about a 'Rain Holiday' from school/college, a gift from God :)
Plus, we have no water I always welcome the rains.

Best Rain song sequence of all time - "Singin' in the Rain" By Gene Kelly :

I'm singing in the rain
Just singing in the rain
What a glorious feelin'
I'm happy again
I'm laughing at clouds
So dark up above
The sun's in my heart
And I'm ready for love
Let the stormy clouds chase
Everyone from the place
Come on with the rain
I've a smile on my face
I walk down the lane
With a happy refrain
Just singin',
Singin' in the rain

I'm dancin' and singin' in the rain...

and the man had a 103 temperature!! they used milk mixed in water for the droplets to be fat and sploshy!!!

A dance sequence in the movie featured Gene Kelly and Cyd Charisse, As an imagined, idealized dream vision in a scarf dance, she wears a long [25 feet or longer] white, fluttering and billowing silk scarf. He lyrically dances with her 'pas de deux' in a romantic setting of pinks and grays. Has to be seen to be experienced.
The movie is one of my most favorite musicals. The dialogues are wisecracks, a few examples, [Hero-Don, Hero's Buddy-Cosmo, Villian-Lina]
7] Cosmo(About Lina's abilities) :She can't act, she can't sing, and she can't dance, a triple threat.

6] Cosmo(consoling Don, who thinks his acting career is over) :Why, with your looks and your figure, you could drive an ice wagon or shine shoes! Block hats! Sell pencils! Dig ditches!

5] Don and Cosmo (Twisting the tongue of the Diction Teacher):Moses Supposes
Moses supposes his toes are roses/But Moses supposes erroneously/Moses he knowes his toeses aren't roses/As Moses supposes his toeses to be.

4] After they kiss in the scene, Lina thinks Don must have some real feelings for her, but he confesses that he is only acting:
Lina: Oh, Donny! You couldn't kiss me like that and not mean it just a teensy, weensy bit!
Don: Meet the greatest actor in the world. I'd rather kiss a tarantula.
Lina: Oh, you don't mean that.
Don: I don't -- Hey, Joe, bring me a tarantula.

3] Don is getting mobbed and calls Cosmo for help
Don: Hey Cos, do something, call me a cab.
Cosmo: (non-chalantly) OK, you're a cab.

2] Don is frustrated by the "cooked-up romance just for publicity," and he commiserates with his pal Cosmo about it:
Don: What's the matter with that girl? Can't she take a gentle hint?
Cosmo: Well, haven't you heard? She's irresistible. She told me so herself.
Don (trying to convince Lina): Now try to get this straight. There is nothing between us. There has never been anything between us. Just air.

1] Don (The ex-stunt guy who was once snubbed by Lina for asking her out; now he's a star and she is after him)
"Are you doing anything tonight, Miss Lamont?"
She shakes her head no and puts her arm through his - without speaking.
But he replies: "Well, that's funny. I'm busy."

So signing off amidst the singing, the rain and 'singing in the rain'

Monday, October 25, 2004

Number Teary

I added a hit-counter. why so late?, people may wonder...I hate and avoid numbers. So I tried to pretened that it didn't matter how many people got enlightenment frommy very own bodhi tree in cyberspace [I have "Neuromancer" lined up for now]. But my blog seemed so incomplete and without a measure of its effectiveness without a hit counter; I had to get over my breaking into hives at the sight of hindu-arabic numerals and install one yesterday. Up to now 30 innocent people have taken their first step towards brain-damage...I feel very proud. Closing your face with the blanket when you sleep is also another step towards brain-damage, FYI.
I was a schooler bad at maths, then I became a high schooler bad at maths proceeding to be a college-goer who was bad at maths now I am an engineer who's bad at Maths.

there are many dyslexics who are who have been labelled lazy and stupid; instead their disability should have been recognised and they should've been helped to overcome it.I remember being severely reprimanded by my mother for not being able to distinguish between b and d, not being able to process mirror image concepts, getting stumped by trivial math-related topics that everybody got easily.That was way back in the late 80s when there was not much information about learning disabilities. Even then, despite my poor marks in maths and my struggles with the multiplication tables [which I have still to win] the one good thing I had going was that my Mother was convinced that I was not lacking in intelligence [many claim she's very wrong, and she is getting convinced by those people now] and that there must be some other explanation for the problems. Mine is a family of Bankers and Mathematicians, they thought I was adopted. As far as they could figure, a child good at languages and communication who simply can't do math didnt seem to match the gene-pool she was alleged to have sprung from.
In India we define intelligence purely by the number-skills that children exhibit. A student not good at maths is a poor student.Now I see there are so many groups devoted to learning disabilities, especially dyslexia, so there is hope for another dyslexia little girl to not be branded 'lazy' or 'not trying hard enough'. Maybe she'll attend training to help her build her confidence with numbers.
There is the other end of the spectrum, the children who are multi-talented, very high IQ but completely lack social interaction skills, communication and expression- the Autistic. That is another disability taken very lightly here, attributed to everything from the 'normal family trait for late speech' to the hyper-activity of the child being taken as a good sign [something so sexist like 'Boys will be faster and more mischevious']. It might be wishful thinking on the part of the family to completely ignore dire warning signs like the avoidance of eye-contact with people and repetitive play activites as mere a 'phase'. These gifted and slightly cursed children have a nightmare time in 'special' schools [where they are mostly treated like they are retards] and in 'mainstream' schools where they lag in 'achieving' the class average[ and are deemed a 'troublesome' or 'poor' student]. Therapy in India for a recognised autistic child is expensive as well as fruitless. There is just no scientifically organised method to cope with this Disability here, simply because there is not much research and development being done here. The matriarchs and patriarchs still wax how 'its common for a couple of children in a generation to be late at picking speech and are generally shy with people' and that they 'never made such a fuss of that before'. Those people need to be put in a time machine that goes only one way and sent back to the dark ages. Today is a frenzied, friendless, competitive race and no one will accomodate those who are not up to speed.My dyslexia is not an excuse for me to avoid the numbers which are a lifeline for any manager. I will overcome it.Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Auguste Rodin, George Patton, and Woodrow Wilson were apparently dyslexic. I have good company.
Awareness, is the only responsibility expected from the rest. be aware that there are those who are not as well equipped as the others to learn and interact. Thank God if he has spared you of the pain of being disabled.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

***pian World

I don't think its a wanton thing, but the books I am reading (Fahrenheit 415, 1984, Catch 22...) mostly have the word "Dystopian world" in their reviews. have I become cynical about the prospect of a wonderful future, or atleast the rosy illusion of it ? [I think I have myself provided the answer to the question]
Well the nature is getting pushed way too hard, American-Pakistani-Indian politics reek,Sachin's not able to play and even if he does the others will make sure it amounts to nothing, extremism is on the rise, there are unnecessary wars, people are starved, or tortured or killed for the most dumb reasons,I havent been loyal to my preparation schedule. I fell sick, still not ok completely. Enough grounds to add on an additional 10 kgs. Which I have done easily.

But like Speilberg movie endings my post will end happily [if possible]; I am an eternal optimist [now that is 180 degree]World will get better, I will get better, Rainforests will get better, sachin will get better, USA-India-Pakistan will get better. Future is very utopian.
On a see-saw,
PS: Yahoo messenger doesnt work, I am feeling very oohay...

Monday, October 18, 2004

Rain plays havoc on cricket

By the way, I am not referring to myself when I say Rain. I mean the weather phenomenon which has completely drenched the Chepauk Stadium in Chennai where India seemed like it had a good chance of victory if they make 210 runs today. People were dying of drought in this very state a couple of months back, now its pouring cats and dogs.
Murphy is having a field day. Worst comes to worst - there will be a draw. Actually, the worst would be some convuluted clause from the mysterious treatise of Messrs Duckworth and Lewis, the kings of cricket horrors, that the ultimate victors in this case would be the United Arab Emirates Team-since they have no rain.
Speaking of draws - check this quotation, straight from the person's mouth taken yesterday by a reputed news agency Reuters- Law lamented how waking up to read the story of their (Law and Miller)"engagement" put him in a awkward situation."I think it's a terrible shame that the editors aren't recognizing their responsibility," he said. "It just seems so careless and nasty."
Some astrology poster had it dead right when they put , as one of the 10 reasons that I would be a Scorpio : "Want what you can't have". and they missed the rest of the sentence "...and get it, anyway."
I am not saying any thing at all. I just can't stop grinning and its scaring everybody here... :)
My bit for world peace. And accounted nightmares for those who see my mysterious and blood curdling smile. Hehe...[:maniacal grin:]

Dandiya went better than expected. Danced till 2 in the morn, had to recuperate the whole of sunday to make it to office without looking like the victim of third degree torture.
Sis on the other hand, roamed jauntily without the slightest sign of weariness. Oh ye fit beings, hark! I am weak and proud, ye hear?!!!
Mother was properly embaressed with my extensively uncoordinated movements, Appa didnt care, I had a blast with my extensively uncoordinated movements and didn't care.

I believe that the Gujjus have the right ideas to make a community strongly united. The community that treads on each other's toes for 9 nights a year stays together. It became brutal at one point of time- one very enthusiastic garba dancer gave a wonderous thunk right on the lip of the lady unwisely placed right behind her. The lip split and it was bloody. There was also a lot of slamming into things and people going on. It was a rugby match with the players in kurta-pyjama or chaniya choli uniforms. It was amazing and I loved how sportive these people are, no body made any fuss and all tried to have a good time.

Met two of my college juniors there. Both being my sister's peers showed their class by proving practically that we have 11 fingers, here is an extended explanation for befuddled people like moi:-----
You need a hand, a finger not attached to the hand already taken and some elementary addition.
Method: take the hand (preferably left hand for Right-handers and vice versa) and spread the fingers wide. Then take the finger from the other hand (preferably pointer finger from the right hand of right handers and vice versa for the lefties[who think right!!])
Now carefully prod each of the fingers of the left hand once from the thumb to the pinkie while carefully muttering the count-down.
If you following instructions right you will mark the thumb as "10"... and finally to the pinkie as "6". capisce? 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 - the 5 fingers of your left hand.
Now how many fingers do you have in your other hand (the normal/default value is taken as 5)
thus 6+5 = 11. End of theorem.
And we thought polydactly made Dr.Hannibal Lecter special...
Such a lot of gyaan for 2 in the morning! from such enlightened minds. :)
Ah to be in college again and try to prove the presence of a ghostly 11th finger!
I have decided to apply the same to the toes once I start college, which will be june 2005, all things going well. I am soo going to be killed in the campus :)
On the note of typing with 11 fingers,

Friday, October 15, 2004

One where Jude turns a Judas and I have no name…

Jude should’ve thought a bit about what I would go through before he went to the papers with his idiotic proposal to that bimbo(some Sienna Miller) that too in my most favorite..(yet to go there) city-Rome.
A small technicality, that he doesn’t know I exist… that is coming in way of true love…
Such highly trivial non-issue. Being the Indian girl that I am, I will faithfully wait till he returns to me. [:misty teary look:]

Back in the real world, where I promise to not be schizophrenic for atleast a while,
Navaratri has started. Spent most of last evening in setting up the golu stand and arranging the dolls…in the morning we added a new star attraction- blinky lights… around the 3 steps. J
Shopping for the Choli for Saturday night Dandiya dance is done. Apparently the car is in a bout of its frequent coma attack and God alone knows the logistics of how me and the family are going to make it back to the House after the dance. That is it for updates.

For some unknown reason, there are a band of people who like to not be called by their real names. I don’t mean like IMs or Login names, I mean the actual names-like the ones your parents give you and you hate them for it.
I already told you about Pi-Han who likes to be called Daphne, there is one more who’s real name is A***** and like to be called N****. Wonder why?
Taking a leaf outta their book, maybe I should be called something other than Ramya- which has become a generic name thanks to the mob tendency of Tamil parents from 1980-1990. Its seriously horrible, if there is a tamil Brahmin girl going down the road who may be placed in the 18-25 years category, anyone can scream “Ramya” and guarantee atleast a minimum of 5 heads will spin in the direction of the call.
Hey, may be the name ‘Guy’ was once specific, and since all parents in France had little/no imagination, there came a time when Guy became synonymous with …well, guys.
Similarly a tamil guy will be a Sriram/Srinivas/Ravi and the girl a Ramya/Priya. And after 1994, almost all girl children are Aishwarya and after Kuch Kuch Hota Hai [a phenomenally dumb movie] all the boys are Rahul. Name is a point of individuality, I really wish people would stop following trends here. Do new parents actually do this:
Parent X: “So you thought of any name for that pink shrimp of a baby?”
Parent Y: “I figured we would just follow the season’s pick outs…”
Parent X: “Everyone is currently naming the children JackAss after the popular MTV show”
Parent Y: ”We could do that…”
Parent X: ”We have a daughter, dear…”
Parent Y: “then Mallika she is…” [:father looks very disturbed:]

Its almost like Anthem a very rare, short novel by Ayn Rand-where people are called Equality 1-234, International 2-8376, Union 2-3875… so there will be Ramya 9-99999999999999999 one day.

I am thinking that a change of first name is in order here…(change of Last name will happen when Jude Law proposes… very likely to happen)
Unfortunately I am not getting anywhere with this. Maybe I should contact Charlie and Marta Kauffman to lend me the imagination that leads Phoebe to change her name to Princess Consuelela Banana Hammock and Mike to Crap Bag [if you can’t place F.R.I.E.N.D.S characters, then go find yourself some cds and lend them to me too].

Signing off as No-Name,
Rain (a direct contradiction)

Thursday, October 14, 2004


This is not a year end introspection, there is a lot of time for that... This is also not a review of a book, I don't think I have the qualification to write one for this book, the book...

I read it yesterday and got a Brain-Ache that lasted till today morning. Not a head ache, mind you. The terms that rule the lingo roost today all came from this single piece of future prediction and the images... better see it to believe in contrast with a 'real' counterpart.

Need I say more?
Just a thought on the phrases that plant themselves in to the mind :
ThoughtCrime [having WMDs], DoubleThink [They have WMDs...wait they don't], NewSpeak [US War on terror, Allies, Global alliance, 9/11, shock and awe, ... oft repeated, words that are brainwashed into people] , War is peace [To ensure right governance to the Iraqi people], Freedom is slavery [what are the iraqi ppl but oil producing slaves?], Room 101 [the World today]
2 + 2 = 5 --> Pakistan = Ally in the War against terror.
telescreen- replaced by the TV and the Internet.
for more on 1984's and 2004's NewSpeak, click here. You will not be disappointed.
I know I may offend some people, but as a point that I am not yet Winston Smith [a brainwashed convert] I post this.

Oranges and lemons
Say the bells of St. Clements
I owe you five farthings
Say the bells of St. Martins
When will you pay me?
Say the bells at Old Bailey
When I grow rich
Say the bells at Shoreditch
When will that be?
Say the bells of Stepney
I'm sure I don't know
Says the great bell of Bow
Here comes a candle to light you to bed
Here comes a chopper to chop off your head
Chip chop chip chop the last man's HEAD!


Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Compliments and how to take them

For the life of me, I don't know anything about this. Some are born deprived of the genes that ensure right reactions/responses to compliments, I am a registered case of that syndrome, soon to be named after me.
People tend to make the other day when my mother said that Udhav Thackeray probably had a habit of sucking his thumb for many years as a child, she got this inference from observing his teeth as NDTV showed a close up of him giving a speech in a campaign rally. Believe me, this image will not make the next Shiv Sena Supremo.
Raj Thakeray called Laloo Yadav a monkey who can't take care of his own state and claims to work for the development of maharashtra (where elections are happening today). That observation makes me a big fan of Raj.
But observations are not enough grounds upon which to decide to shower compliments( which is not the case in either of the above observations)
Its quite rare that I get compliments, but it would make me entirely a lot happier if they were stereotypical. If some one were to come up to me and say "good work" or "good speech" and such, we could just go with the "thanks" routine... but if god sent you people that said cruel things to you in the guise of well-meaning compliments? what then ?
To illustrate my point, I present before you some of the truely hideous compliments I have got:
"Your specs are great. you look like a stud"-- helloo! I am a GIRL... so by intrinsic agreement, I must never look like a stud. No matter how handsome I look in my angular glasses.
"Dear, your face has a glow. tell me are you in Love"--Hate gives that glow too, apparently...
"You are so intelligent. Got XX% in college and working in computer company"-- Yep, I must be considering only around zillion ppl have achieved the same feat; Boy, do I stand out from the crowd or what?
"You are a very good singer. I know for sure, I mean how different can two sisters be?"
--As different as chalk and cheese, or in this case as the musically gifted and the musically impaired.
"You are such a healthy girl."-- So you couldnt just say fat, huh? you dorky, politically-correct vermin.
"Did anyone mistake you for Aishwarya Rai?."--Didnt meet any blind person other than you.
"Its a cinch for you, After all what do you lack?"-- this is the mother of all trick-questions, but I will be frank [not Joe..or any other name that immediately springs to your poor-joke infested mind] I lack everything.
"You used to be so beautiful as a child"--Am I the only one who notices this person talking in past tense?
"Your son has taken completely after you"--That beautiful child is my brother.
Let me assure you that the people who have said all these things are really nice and were speaking their mind out. They didnt have any intention of harming me. But I really wish they were less mislead about me. :p
On that wishy-washy note,

Monday, October 11, 2004

A Tribute

Vinoo told me just about an hour ago...Shri.Ram Kalia had passed away. Somehow it doesnt seem possible that he will no longer come to prayer meetings and saturday havans, will not take large (gigantic) strides and tower over us [he was really tall and we were very tiny children], will no longer call us 'his grand children' [somehow he meant that.. :) ]

We considered him a Dictator. He was too. It wasnt possible for anyone to take this person anything other than dead-seriously. He was a man of action, personified Integrity and Pride, patriotism and sacrifice. Mr.Kalia always wanted to help those who needed him. He was always the strong one. Only once I saw him broken in spirit, during the memorial meeting for his son Kamal Kalia, the army hero.

But when he said something, it was the stuff that should be etched in stone. During my interview with him, he pointed to the chart showing the four houses of the school (Pratap, Shivaji, Bharathi, Tagore) and told me and my father, "I see her, leading one of these houses, one day".
Of course, that never happened; you see, our school believed that House Captains should be chosen among those who did their homework, who never argued with teachers and those who were aligned to the code of discipline that the school tried to impose.
But, Nevertheless, the man saw in me the potential for leadership. So I will try, till the end, to see how I can make a difference to the world. [I swear I am not sarcastic]

This occurance, has triggered all the memories of school. The time when we thought we could do whatever we liked and wanted to achieve. like the song:
"Those were the days my friend. we thought they'd never end. we'd sing and dance forever and a day. we'd live the life we choose, we'd fight and never lose. those were the days...oh yes, those were the days"
We came from a school like the one in the movie "Dead Poet's Society". we were told there were only few things we could be after education-Engineer/Businesswoman/Doctor.
We were taught to believe that we could never be failures. We were taught that we are better than most and that its our responsibility to grow to dizzying heights and try to lift up the downtrodden.
True enough, most of us are living up to it. 90% are in the states, researching science and computers, 9.99% are working as Engineers and Doctors , .01% are happy in other pursuits.

Kaliaji, was proud of us, all the Davians, those who he knew and those who he didnt. I know, that if I were to get to do what I really want to, as opposed to what I am doing [no matter, how well] that he'd feel like I lived up to his exceptions. DAV, Gopalapuram will never ever lose his presence.
God rest his soul. Sir, Be at peace.


Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Reunion Day II - Return of the Inolas

I am so incredible happy today... my very deep sadness has been erased off completely.

a]Inolas[ until she lets me mention her actually, I guess this should do] and I are not estranged anymore...Hurrah and a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HER!!! [4th Oct]

b]Pumpkin called, he is having an absolutely mind-blowing successful work week full of felicitations, dinners and his hardwork being appreciated. Meet you at Dandiya, Dude.

c]I finally understood that all the members declared in a class without mentioning access specifiers are public and not private; ok, my joy at this is considerably much lesser than the others :p

d]Made a friend today who is Taiwanese by birth, a south-african by life and a member of my firm in the Connecticut division. She and I met at training yesterday. Pi-Haan (she likes to be called Daphne, is a great person) full of smiles always [ an ordeal only brides have to go through in India and that too only during their receptions!!! ] Hope she has nice things to say about India and Chennai when she returns to the States.

I found stamp collection to be a dull hobby-but it sure beats the hell out of, hold your breath-Java error messages collection. yes Ladies and Gentlemen, Human kind has evolved and given rise to the species called Homo Sapiens Errorenous-met the cheiftainess of the clan today.
when the trainer tells us what to do, she attempts the stuff as unlike the given instruction, in several different (wrong) combinations and delights when the compiler screams profanities.
Since we were neighbours, this is the kind of output I have been given, (thanks to the girl who loves error messages) :
Interface methods cannot have a body. \\ Mulder, we have a body-less entity
Type mismatch \\ Pyar kiya to darna kya ?!! besides, opposites attract.
Doesn't contain the required class \\ Are you taking about me!! [angry grimace]
please name the file "somename".java \\ Numerology?!! Dont believe in that -RRaamyaa
final method cannot be initialised \\ oh...hence the words 'final' and 'initial' [:enlighment:]

PS: the words follwing the '\\' symbol are comments - the last words of ms. MocaChino Sumatra.

why and how am I able to list out these? is it due to my stupendous memory powers!!!
quite close, but NO. SHE MADE ME WRITE THEM DOWN!!!
Me, the one who had never made notes in all the educational institutions I haunted, once I was past the "can-get-caned" age. [sigh!!]
Had I not given in to the whims of this person I could have angered her, gotten bitten for my pains and would be in the process of turning into one of her kind, her by nighfall!!!. Then I would spend my life writing wrong syntax and getting high when they come out wrong, I would be the scourge of Quality assurance personnel, the Bane of Six-Sigma Champions and Best Friend of the Bugs!!!

Enough said, I think. I should be closing shop now. Warm welcome to Karthik, Suze, PJ and all the others who visit the blog. Become regulars.

On the note of 'Inolas is back'

Friday, October 01, 2004

Mucho 'bout zilch

Goof-ups are great levelers. I lost 100 bucks to some administrator’s billing me for a service I didn’t use. “Its not your fault”, he agreed, “but what is done is done…sorry”.The philosopher.

One more goof-up: the caterer didn’t make enough dessert, hence when I went to lunch, late, he said,” eat whatever is available…its on the house.” The Saint.

On one pan of the balance we have 100 Indian Rupees, on the other we have 10[ the value of the lunch had it not been free]… not quite leveled, but its on its way there. I know I am entitled to 9 other free lunches, when they present themselves before my money [the principal amount] gets returned to me by karma- the chameleon.
Unthinkingly, I have just made my first balance sheet. The markings of a Managerial head honcho, wouldn’t you say? [if you say it well-enough, I may hire you to be my head sycophant…Tee Hee]

I have also managed to come up with a theory on saints, poets, philosophers and mystics; they were all software professionals once, who were hired by a renowned company and put on bench. Then their bosses forgot about their existence. Why would anyone ponder over the mysteries of our existence or purpose, unless he/she were paid reasonably, was fed coffee/tea every couple of hours and most importantly, was not given work. This combination of a false sense of security and inebriation ensures that even the most wooden of programmers start to wax eloquently about the meaning of life…[which is most accurately mentioned in the ultimate book on philosophy ‘The Hitch-hiker’s Guide to the Universe’- review, coming soon to a blog near you. Namely, my blog.]
Everyone knows that those questions are abstract and pointless. But pondering over the mysteries of life serves as explanations when someone catches you napping with your eyes open. So it’s the natural occupation of the bench-warmers. Naturally.
Lucky them. If we working people were caught napping with our eyes open, we say ‘I am totally with {someone’s name, who is mostly likely to have said something}, in this question (about which we have no clue)’; then we proceed to shoot an encouraging smile at the person who’s name you mentioned and if its socially permissible, pat him/her on the shoulder. I know this may sound like a cheesy version of a Dilbert comic, but truth is stranger than fiction, guys. [these clich├ęs have me enslaved, I blame my education and my English teachers]
I have some technical enrichment lined up for myself next week. We’ll see how that goes… I am so sure I am going to have a lot to say on that. And it won’t be about developing portable components using polymorphic properties exhibited by the instances of objects which have been derived from their abstract parents. Welcome to the corporate world, where lingo and catch-phrases rule and goof-ups are a way of life. Working- that is optional.
On the note of, “Calling Elvis, is anybody home?”
PS: Happy weekend.