Sunday, February 22, 2009

First Desi Oscars

We knew it was a long time coming but the its finally here!
Such a red letter day my indian brothers  & sisters, my family and that one guy I will marry (when I find him) KUDOS :)

We're proud of you ARRahman (you are a music genius) and Pookutty (you're acceptance speech was A-W-E-S-O-M-E)

Our tricolor flies that much higher today and this is a special day for Mumbai, the eternal.


Monday, February 16, 2009

The long weekend of Daniel Craig movies

I have a four day weekend without much to do and I figured I have some time for a bunch of movies. So I went with my current, intense and unexplainable preference for Daniel Craig.
I also went with choclate icecream and sun-dried cranberries. [pattern being - All things yummy to me]

So Daniel Craig didnt make a ripple in "Tombraider" and just did his fair share in "Munich" but he got (like-like) likeable in "Casino Royale" and got larger than life by"Golden Compass" & "Quantum of Solace". These all were repeat watches for me and I skipped through most.
I disliked him in "Road to Perdition" (didnt care to re-watch) which is good because he was the bad, cowardly dude in the movie. 
So I lined up to watch "Defiance" yesterday and "Invasion" (on DVD) today, for the first time.

Honestly speaking, Daniel (pretending that we are on first name basis) isnt awesome in either. My objection in both cases seem to be petty (and therefore related to the women)- 
The girl in "Defiance" who he is paired up with looks far too young for him(okay so she is as old as I am) and in "Invasion" his object of affection is played by Nicole Kidman (case and point).
Scope for histronics is quite limited in Invasion (he didnt convince anyone that he likes Nicole Kidman) and  unused in Defiance, although Liev Schreiber seems to have taken over adeptly in the latter. He seems to be more of an underplayer (for the more macho air, I suppose). 

Maybe its just me, but I dont like it when Mr.Craig smiles. Smoldering looks, smug smirks, blue eyes piercing with anger and deep pouts (which are sexy versions of sulks) are his thing(can I get an A-men) . The pretty boy next door with the cute English accent( pleese=police, waaa=what) is for the likes of Hugh Grant.

So overall Rain rating of the movies featuring Daniel Craig are- 
  • Invasion - 10 thumbs down (my own 2 was not enough so I borrowed four other people in the vicinity)
  • Defiance - Okay but not good (or bad).
  • Golden Compass - Funky for graphics (DC came in for about 5 very cool mins only)
  • Lara Croft:Tombraider - I liked it for Angelina (also identify with Lara's taste in guys - 1 thumb up)
  • Munich - Awesome in an intellectual way.  (2 thumbs up)
  • Casino Royale/Quantum of Solace- Very cool & stylish. (2 thumbs up and pairing with Eva Green gets a nod )
  • Road to Perdition - Good (2 thumbs up for Paul Newman & Tom Hanks)
To wrap up-
Did you know Daniel Craig was in "Elizabeth"? I dont remember him either.
Decided not to watch Layer Cake (because I hate Sienna Miller) and couldnt get hold of "The Jacket" and "Flashbacks of a Fool".

"Invasion" made my long weekend longer (and not in a good way),

PS: I still heart Daniel Craig :)