Friday, June 10, 2016

Intermittant proof of existence

Despite the very best efforts of Elon Musk, humans(a group that includes me) are currently only earth-bound except for those living in the International Space Station (note how I did not use the short form of the same fearing the typo would lead to a mention that I would not want to associate myself or my pristine blog with).

So I have no earthly reason to not write for so long other than the fact that I forgot my own blog (or that I used to blog). For formality purposes, I would like to register that since my last post I have not travelled or got any promotion at office. I did however attend a couple of interviews for a job offer but neither side was very interested (so you can guess how that panned out!)

I've been quite active on my Facebook account than anywhere else (non-official spaces) so that shows the extent of my dip into the bourgeois lifestyle. So very common, mediocre!
But I write today because I want to register the following thoughts
1. There is now 50% chance that there could be a Female POTUS. Maybe we can look forward to a more stable land of milk and honey.
2. Apparently drinking is more of an issue than anything you do after drinking and you don't have to apologize /acknowledge /repent or get punished for it. [Note You have to be White Male in America for this to happen]. Despite this women will stay strong [Hells yeah!]
3. I do want to register with Space X to go to Mars but the only issue I have with the plan is the "One-Way" aspect. I never like to go anywhere unless there is a return ticket.

Oooh, before I forget...we had a flood and we survived.
Also I read a lot of Devdutt Patnaik and despite the many many (did I mention very many) repetitions and overlaps in his books...I do understand his view of what these stories are supposed to mean to a Hindu.