Tuesday, January 27, 2009

making trouble out of nothing at all...

First there was a system in india, then came a laptop in the US.
Ideally this should've been the end of the story but human nature is based from groundless greed.

Next there was Thanksgiving and there seemed to be a great deal. One thing led to another and now there came into a girl's life, the second laptop. But they were soon to part for the laptop belonged to another and our heroine was anxious to find a way to send the new laptop on its journey to the east.

Then came the bitter winter when a relative of a relative was to meet this scatterbrained twit (and only she allows herself to verbal abuse her) in the evening a mere 2 miles away from home.
But having walked 70% of the way to the rendezvous point, our brave lady chickened out at the sight of dimly lit ways with menacing overhead roads and shady looking people. She decided to flag a taxi having just ended a call with the relative and before she knew it, she had reached.

Like anyone is wont to at this juncture, she got out, took the luggage out and paid the nice man. Then she watched as he went his merry way into the inky darkness. Time to call the relative's relative...only where is the basic means of communication - the cellphone?

What was the license plate of the car? Name of the car company? Did she note the details of the driver himself? Did she atleast remember leaving the phone in the car?
A resounding no to all of the above (this one is for the x-files apparently)

Good point though, she met up with whoever she came to see, she sent the laptop to where it is bound but she has just spent the last 8 hours calling herself to only hear herself ask her to leave herself a message. No ringing.

Could use a good samaritan right about now, at the right time (this past evening), at the right place (the same taxi) and the right state of mind (helpful tendency). If it turns out to be a Daniel Craig look alike who is single...that would just be the stuff romance movies are made of.
Ok...I am willing to negotiate on the greek godliness or the marital status provided my lovely phone is back. Sacrifice is my middle name, also Practical and Observant (its 4 in the morning, I can't sleep and so I have 3 ironic made up middle names)

Phone, where ever you are...come back home. I MISS YOU already,

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist

The movie was an extended love letter to New York at night :)
The feature plays on the delicious feeling of familiarity...of being the 'Bridge & Tunnel', going to see indie bands play (mine is limited to Cutting Room and just the once) in New York, seeing the Empire State building all around (where ever you go, kinda like the eye of sauron, except more dearer) and most of all about meeting this stranger unexpectedly and just clicking. 

A natural match of frequencies however temporary or illusional but magical for when it happens.

Micheal Cera is so adorable as Nick (of the title) and the fact that you like him, makes you almost go through the entire journey of the night as a co-passenger in that quirky yellow Yugo.
His role was quite tricky in Juno but somehow he managed to retain that clean cut image of sweetness and he does so in this movie also.

I'd pick Daniel Craig as a masculine ideal without a blink so it surprised me that I like Cera so instantly when he is the very epitome of an awkward fan boy geek. I think we have a dark horse that can run a long race here.

Norah is a well written character also well played by Kat Dennings as an intelligent, poor little rich girl who feels a inferior on account of not bring the image of the American Girl (blue eyed, busty blonde) and is on the lookout for substance in a guy. She is caring, feisty and courageous. You really want to root for this girl because you see some part of you in her.

Caroline and the Gay guys in the band are great too, in the parts that they get to play to bring the hero and the heroine together. Lastly, the music is the running thread in the story but it tastefully stays relevant yet understated when compared to the story and the interactions between the players.

I totally recommend this movie for some nice lazy friday night when you are snug in your couch and have an empathic soul at your side to share this warm, cutesy movie (despite the generous sprinkling of increasingly horrifying yuckiness - watch out for the special journey of the chewing gum). 
If you are single like me, you should watch it anyway if you are or ever have been one or more of the following- 1. Young, 2. In love, 3. A music fan, 4. a New Yorker by residence, work or spirit, or my personal favorite #5 A not so secret closet romantic who just loves the idea of kindred souls.

If music be the food of love...put it on an infinite playlist,

Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Free will is an illusion. I have heard this, felt it minorly before and only considered the concept in theoretical basis. Now I complete get that control over your own life, is just as substantial as a vision of a fountain of chocolate milk in the middle of the Sahara.

Its not like I was foolish enough to resist change. I accept it as a constant, rather the only constant. But all references to a normal life to be torn asunder, for you to be just a wrecked piece of who you used to be and what your world used to be like, one fine day without a sound or ceremony.

Reality just unhinged for me. Suddenly there are no certainities, no answers, no basis of any judgement/decision be it sound or otherwise. No people, no ties, no feelings, nothing familiar.
Nothing to anchor on to the semblence of my erstwhile universe.

It happened naturally and without notice like a season change or ageing. 
Universe decided to shake me out of my comfortable and predictable little niche and plant me on crossroads again. To quote the cliche - "fate is not without a sense of irony".

More frustrated than sad at being given a riddle with absolutely no means to find a resolution, I am completely aware of the fact that its just as well. I have never given up anytime and dont believe in that at all. Just one more turn of the wheel that requires a test of my resilience and spirit of survival. 

Not my idea of how it should be but hey I am just a lazy human in a tiny speck of a larger universe...what do I know?

Bring it on, World. Defiance is infinitely more natural to me than surrender...