Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Things we do for Love

"Do only fools fall in love?"

Whenever I pass by Adayar I wonder about this; so must most others who happen to look at the big billboard with this question as its caption.Once I asked it out to this friend of mine who was driving past this place dropping me home, he said without hesitation, 'Yeah'.
Further enquiry lead him to elaborate... "We do so many things in love, for love which we wouldnt even consider under normal circumstances. That brings us to the chicken-and-egg question: Do people fall in love and become fools or are people fools to fall in love?"
Hmmm....the last question is enough material for a million books and countless posts, but we will defer from that path, presently.
What could the worst thing that you'd never do but end up doing for love?
I went for vocal carnatic classes. I go shopping. I wrote GRE. I did the UG of my parent's choice. Would not even give a passing thought to these crude torture processes otherwise, but if ya love yer family, ya gotta grit yer teeth and get on with this.

From the state of things I see in discovery Travel and Living channel, looks like I got off easy.
If there are those of you who are sadistic and like to enjoy people rubbing their visages in common dirt, then "DATE PATROL" is the show for you.
A person taken for the episode should make a videotape of him/her self in his/her worst date dress and twirl around to let the audience have a peek at his/her physical shape and talk at length of how "I am ready to make the changes necessary" because "my experiences in dating so far have lead me to believe I am doing something wrong". In short, dress like a loser, feel like a loser and scream from the roof tops "I AM A LOSER. SAVE ME. MAKE ME IRRESISTABLE"

'Experts' in communication, body language , style and a very unecessary host descend on the victim like incan priests on human sacrifice and strive to make that person as far away from being themselves as possible and then watch from hidden cameras, the results as the transformed person goes on a 'final' date.
So loss of induviduality and acceptance of these 'experts' calling the person's lifestyle wrong entirely is ok for some televised dates and the promise of love?

Literature is full of people who killed or died for love. The cops have a term for these 'crimes of passion'. And all these movies that bollywood and kollywood churn out with un-ceasing regularity; what do they reiterate? the hero giving up the girl he loves for the sake of his siblings or friends or family, or him giving up his family, his money ..etc. for his love; central theme- If you love, you'd accept, accomodate, sacrifice and lose. In short, you'd be the Fool.

How far would you go for love? and how much love would leave you bending over backwards?
These queries are personal, instantaneous and induvidual, like 'how much food would I take?'
'Would I eat more even if I wasnt hungry just because it tastes nice?"

Maybe if we follow a more un-selfish line of thinking, we'd see;
There are many good intelligent people who are making fools of themselves for you.
You are worth it. Its ok to be the fool if you can find those who are worth it

On that 'Am I kidding myself' note,

Sunday, November 21, 2004

The Return of the Queen

Hey I am back.
And I do feel like a Queen right now.

I had my birthday last week and my inbox was flooded with wishes. Also a coupla nice people have wanted me to come back to blog... ["I havent blushed so much since Madam Pompfrey told me that she likes my new pink earmuffs"- Prof.Dumbledore in "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone"]
So being in a very rare warm mellow mood, let me recount some of the warm mellow happenings in my life so far that can be mentioned in a blog.
My best birthday so far was the one that Brinda and Co. threw for me in 2000. A surprise celebration complete with cake and Dairy Milk bars for everyone (there was another guy who was celebrating that day too and the choclates came from him). I had no less than 10 great friends that time. I was the happiest, luckiest girl in the universe.
The second best was in 1999, when my brother was born 2 days before my birthday. So the all time best birthday gift 'a new darling baby brother'!!! Sri Krish is the light of my life now... a really handsome 5 year old. He celebrated his birthday this year with the children of an orphanage in Chennai - A truely meaningful action.
Third best would have to be my first birthday celebrations. I put it at #3 because I don't remember anything that happened that day, but the accounts of the people who attended it convinces me that I was quite the 'Princess'.

This year was the year of 'You-are-so-old-better-lay-back" and following the hollowed traditions that this 23rd year of life marks... I did nothing- All Day.It is a truely exhausting experience. Now I am looking for a nice retirement home for me, where I can do the simple everyday tasks with my fellow over-the-hill oldies.

Resolutions for 23rd year:
A] Lose weight. // very Bridget Jonesy, I should say ( and then shudder!)
B] Be nice to people. // hafta figure that one out, but am open to suggestions
C] Achieve life's ambitions or atleast be on the road to that. [priority #1] // the initial action from my part is over, am waiting for the great response.
D] Go back to my non-profit pursuits of creative bend a.k.a start sketching and writing again
E] Learn a new language. // looking for a zulu coaching centre, even spoken eskimo will do.
F] Pray a whole lot more and learn the stuff I am expect to know as a good hindu and as a good daughter.

On a warm mellow note of 'I am back so everybody visit my blog!!'

Monday, November 15, 2004

A Post before the V-Day

Victory Day. Not valentines.
Its this sunday. People who pray for me to do well will get big bunches of good karma.
Till then I will be underground and maintaining a low profile
All the Best To me. May I do very well.
Best to the others too.
God Bless.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Fools Rule

I took a break from work and blogging and using my limited cerebral resources in any way.
Meanwhile, far far away in America, people dug their own graves and wrote their own epitaphs with touching sincerity...

*****************If not in mood to read about politics and author's views on super powers, stop here. [Have a nice day]*********************************************************

now that you've been warned and yet braved the warning to reach this point in time and space...

I agree that Osama is bad, must be stopped.
I agree Saddam isnt a good guy. But neither is Dubya, so is it fine if Iraq attacks US and tries to change the government? Actually that would be welcome.
I feel people with education and a view of the world, should only be allowed to contest elections.
If something talks like a fool, walks like a fool, thinks like a fool and acts like a fool, then one may conclude that he/it is a... FOOL. So its kinda needed that you dont elect it to an office where there is a shiny red button that can be the Baap of the products that Sivakasi is most famous for [apart from child labourers, that is]. The 'End all' button in the hands of a person who can't even be called a lunatic because that would make the caller have to acknowledge that this person-thing might have a brain- a highly impossible and very frightening thought.

To only think about your own country is being the proverbial frog in a deep dark well in this day and age. [that is for those who are now thinking: 'isnt she an indian who's extent of foreign trips been limited to falling off the shores in rameshawaram around 50 kms near the srilankan waters..??']

Armed with these basic thoughts, I have played Political Analyst and come up with the Top 10 Traits expected out of a US Presidunk [no its not a typo]
1] Must be a failed college-student, failed Businessman, must fail to catch Osama.
2] Must look like chimp and oppose Gay marriages and talk like a badly written superhero comic character.
3] Must bring properous nation to deficit and be a right wing nut with IQ equal to the altitude of ocean floor.
4] Must have an ex-presi for daddy and the ex-governor of florida for brother.
5] Must lack the capacity to say 'Nuclear'.
6] Must treat UN and the rest of the world like refuse and in consequence be hated by every country in the world.
7] Must have an active imagination to see WMDs, Terrorists where there are none and declare war on terrorism if oil is required.
8] Must have Elephant as the symbol despite Ass being more appropriate.
9] Must have a threatening video by Osama coming in at the 11th hour before elections that says" the boogie man is coming unless we vote for DumbAss".
10] Must be George W. Bush Jr.

In conclusion, I love Dubya...he makes such a natural clown
PS: rain means no ill-will toward clowns who's exemplary service to society is commended by her, she didn't have any other way of saying that Dubya is so pathetic that its funny.