Thursday, September 30, 2004

Mon histoire dans une langue différente

bonjour Mes personnes,
I do not speak any French, Spanish or german... but I have absolutely thrilled myself with my own elegance. Like my comment in vinod's doodleboard "I have time and only Babelfish for company". Heh, very bourgeios comment, I admit.

Met a Garuda Sanjeevi online who only got 99.99 percentile in CAT. A very average score one would mars, maybe. That one is not me; I simply am amazed by how forthcoming and simple the man is. And he is the uncrowned king of understatements: he says his exam had gone well and he get 6 iim[there are only that many] calls; he says his GD/PI for IIM-B wasn't so good- he is studying there now. Had a fun time chatting with a complete, very intelligent, stranger. I am usually very shy among new people. [no snickers from those who know me, please...]

I added the Calvin and Hobbes link from here, so that those who love 'em can reach 'em. Orkut has been a revelation to me, that I am not alone in my universe, there are thousands like me [ mental picture: an entire city of Agent Smiths in the climax of Matrix Revolutions]. So I busied myself in sending out invites, to have mes personnes join my friends community. Networking can be fun, but not the version about which mr.Tanenbaum has written volumes. [bleah!!]
So Orkut gets a link from here. And last [for now] but not the least [couldnt bypass cliches, sorry] is my most fav site in the whole wide world.. GOOGLE.

I'm thinking of adding another heading on the side bar called "Blinkie of the week" or "Blinkie Linkie", because... and you guessed it, I am into making blinkies now. Blinkies, for the uninitiated, are animated gif images. I am using the garden variety MS Paint to make them, hence they arent exactly very jazzy. Nevertheless, I will upload them here once I figure out how (to work past the firewall)...

My other creative pursuit has been in the field of the highest form of poetry... ze Limerick
here are my offerings for today...[ brickbat-deflector on, I can't be harmed]

there was a lady called Ling-ling,
Who really loved singing,
others cried out, "Oh My!
if we are all going to die...
what is the point in living?"

A love letter came for Freddy,
tied to the bow on a Teddy,
Then he felt a deja vu...
memory of something old and new
he explained, "You see, I read it already!!"

there was a guy named Ford,
from one jar to another he poured
water very slow
why? when asked to know
said he did it 'cos he was bored.

On the note of, "I know by now you have snored...",

Monday, September 27, 2004

Of Horror & Of Rhyme

I have for some reason, a habit, of reading horror novels at night. Like the mosquitoes, grow resistence to the repellent we use for our own mental satisfaction, I have grown resistant to the average level of gore to truly enjoy spine tingling horror. When the King [ the only King] invokes vomit in other people, I find his writings to reflect all the facets and emotions of Homo sapiens sapiens.

Yesterday was a breakthrough, I lost my non-reaction to horror for nearly 20 minutes and clambered up to my Mother at 3 am, when I was done with “From a Buick 8”.

My mother was alarmed, you would be too if your 22 yr old came to you in an unearthly hour and demanded to be protected from pink-haired ET thingies spewed out of a made-up Buick 8. I have a non-passionate, mild sort of liking for cars, as opposed to those intense feelings that guys have or them; and at the outset, the story is about a car that is not a car but like a prop which acts like a doorway between our world and ‘god-knows-what-the-hell-it-is’. People, things, flora and fauna that are kept in its vicinity doing its light and temperature shows [ the temperature drops, there is a feeling of a mild earthquake and it glowers out in violet and purple, my favorite colors] sometimes disappear, and sometimes don’t. Out of it, come still-born or dying monsters that are a horrible parody on our life forms, here the pink thingie comes.
But it’s subtly about a boy trying to re-discover his dead father among the memories of his father’s co-worker friends; his inability to accept the senselessness loss of a parent and having to live through it. About a bunch of Pennsylvania state troopers, their close-knit lives and their loyalties to sworn secrecy. It was great.

I remembered a limerick told by Srikanth, a couple of years back:
“Roses are red, violets are blue. Limericks should rhyme, but this one doesn’t…”
The recollection came from the Calvin strip where our hero writes one for Susie Derkins [the future Mrs. Calvin]: “Roses are red, a deep crimson hue. When you get into trouble, you turn the same shade too”
Which in turn brought to mind other Roses are Red maxims, like :
“Roses are red, violets are blue. Smell my socks and kiss my shoe”
“Roses are red, violets are blue. Monkeys like you, should be locked in a zoo”
So, I googled about it and got a link of small children who have each written their own versions. If you want to check out all of them, click here.

I am posting here some that caught my fancy: [In sequence with my original comments]
Roses are red that car is black Look over there Now I've got your snack. [very me]
Roses are red. Lilies are white. I've grown an inch. My undies are tight. [as a consequence of the previous action?]
Roses are red. Violets are blue. I'm in trouble. What did I do? [ My most frequent lament]
Roses are red, Violets are blue, I copied your test, and I failed, too! [Other people’s lament to me (smirk)]

On a poetic note, “Roses are red, violets are blue. The post is now ending; well, boo hoo!”

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Omens and Demons

Today I lost all the mail, I had in my inbox for a month,including the Calvin resources link [BoooHooo].Walked in to the pouring rain, amidst the strong sunshine to my transport to the office. 2 Omens, 0 interpretations.
Then on the way, There was this guy dressed as Hanuman [My mostest favoritest of the Hindu pantheon Gods other than Shiva] walking along the road. How often would people get to see guys in Monkey God suit walking on the road when its raining while the sun shines furiously?!! Omen #3
I finish Catch-22, which most people found funny, but I found it really depressing and made me think about the futility of war. Demon #1.
I also sat through, much to my growing disgust, the address to the United Nations by one of the foremost 'allies' in the war against terror. The man, who is a dictator[Demon #2], spoke at length about the democratic processes in Iraq and Afghanistan and expressed his approval. If he liked Democracy so much then why the &^%* did he make a sham out of general elections in his country and change the Prime Minister more frequently than socks?
That $%^@#&$, kept mentioning, the {name of a controversial religion} world's attributes. lets call it Muslin. He said 'Muslin World is not happy', 'Muslin World expects...', 'Muslin World's problems...' etc.
Helloo..... There is only ONE WORLD and its for EVERYBODY. That is what the UN stands for.
He also advised my country on what 'responsible behavior' he expected from it... the guy that was at the centre of things when they infilterated in to our territory - so many young perished because of madmen with blood-lust like him. Then they stand in the pulpits sermonizing like they are so self-righteous and sanctimonius.
I didnt mean for my blog to be a vent to my political opinions. But I am the black dot on a white board, you may interpret me anyway. "GIVE PEACE A CHANCE".

On a lighter vein,this guy from Blore sympathised with my position in the forum and said the my messages were "nice and cute" [shudders] . My mother wants to visit the blog, I told her that it wasnt a good idea. Still I made the preparations. [refer to :&am;^$*% and other such blocked out words]

On that smug note,

Wednesday, September 22, 2004


I know that 'Nothing is permanent, but change', that has been the story of my professional life.
There was a killing of a 21yr old call centre professional when she was on her way home, very near my own a couple of days back. My parents thanked the lucky stars that I had gotten relieved from night support, this change was asked for and got by me. Otherwise, I know for a fact that they wouldn't have had a good night's sleep, especially in the light of the unfortunate end of Stephanie.
So its good to ask and face the prospect of rejection rather than just meander unhappily and pile up frustration by the truckload. Got a great link for Calvin and Hobbes strips online from this gal at the forum. Got a great mail from a great friend, that showed just how lucky I am to have people who wish me well and make efforts to help me out.
Thus encouraged by all the positivity, I have decided to try my best and live up to everyone's expectations of me. I would like to take this opportuinity to register my extreme hatred for FIREWALLS. true that they try to save your system from viruses[ Hell, I even made one as my major project in college, but they are being used as tools for preventing the people from accessing topics that come under the different categories of forbidden subjects. Today was absolutely the crappiest; I tried the Google url and got the message:
" Prevented by {Firewall Name} due to the presence of category:'SEX'"
Gee, Really?!! How, dammit?!!
It seems my juniors are being forced to watch TV programmes on waste management and professional ethics, these topics I never even had in my syllabus [thank God]. Got the info from Vindy's latest post. If something was worth committing suicide over, I guess this would be it.
One more thing that could cause dementia, diahorrea and schizophrenia is the movie of Rob Scheinder [ that should be enough to scare even the stoutest heart] I saw yesterday [ as my other options were :a] the same movie , b] that very same movie and c] the same damn movie again; called 'the hot chick'. If they tried making even a very remote remake in Bollywood, I am so sure that the Saffron wing and women's groups are going to break anything they lay their hands on which is connected to the people in the film. Quite validly may I add. I only pray that my worst enemy should not get the situation so as to watch a movie so sub-standard.
On that disgusted note,

Monday, September 20, 2004

Two of different kinds

The soldier who saw everything twice; is a chapter from Catch-22, a description of a soldier who sees 2 fingers, 10 fingers and no fingers as "Two" uniformly. My neighbour had the feeling that she was down with the same disease on saturday when I was visited by a couple of 5 year olds, who, coincidentally were one single egg at one point of time. the world's most grown up kids, Rajashree and jayashree [ also the name of a very great friend of mine], tolerated my childishness with non-chalance and changed their expression from 'uninterested' only once- at the mention of 'choclate'. Their mother expressed one opinion that had come to slap me and my long-suffering sibling very often, if we dare to venture out together-"why! I would have thought you[me and the long-sufferer] are twins, had I not known you long."
Hmmm.... this wasn't the first time such a speculation came up. From a house wife in Bellary district of karnatak to the Hip and intelligent IIT students, this wide range of people have all been under the impression that we are twin sisters. We both feel very insulted at that.
Plenty of people have pointed to her photos and asked me, 'Where was this picture of you taken?'. That was the second most embarrassing supposition of the general public made about me with regard to my appearance.
What is worse is the fact that we supposedly sound like each other too... [ so god ran out of gene combos and repeated the good version?]. Funny, that I am musically impaired and She is a celebrated singer. Everytime that my sister's friends called home and I happened to be unemployed and in enough good spirits to pick up the handset; the typical conversation would go as follows:
X: 'Hello?!!'
Me: 'Hi.'
X: 'So. what did you decide?'
Me: ''bout what?... who is this?'
X: [mimics me] :'who do you think @#$%^ ?'
[ we go in to a loop of about 5 repetions of 'who are you' and 'you guess']
Me: [still polite] 'May I know what number you want'
X:'you mean between 1 and 10? why would you want to know that?'
Me: ' Can you atleast tell me who you would like to speak to?'
X:[suspiciously] 'Why are you talking like a Butler? and your english accent sucks!!!'
Me: 'Never mind. Go Ahead'
[ X then goes on to give me an update on the adventures of the numerous couples, who I assume are in their place of education. The next monologue is about what everyone was wearing. I begin to nod off at this stage]
X: '{my_sister's_name}, You there?'
Me: 'So you want {my_sister's_name}? Let me call her. Whom shall I say is calling?'
X: '{my_sister's_name}, you dope! now you are pretending to be a combination of your sister and the butler!!!'
The thought of the combination, sends shudders down my spine as I transfer the post of patient listener to my Sister and run for my life.
My sister however hasn't been fortunate enough to mislead my friends. She is far too nice over phone to ever be confused with me.

But we have differences in a lot of other things. Memory power for one; I don't have any, she has loads. Two different, unrelated friends of mine would have left from here over the weekend, I have been wanting to meet them. I even got the number of one, but couldn't remember it later. As a result, she must have been off to Hyderabad, having waited to meet me in the station. And the other one would have met the similar fate with the exception that her destination is Kolkatta. God I hope that they remember the extent of my memory and forgive me, like they usually do. I have been feeling quite guilty about that.

On that sober note,

Friday, September 17, 2004

Lover's Spat on the Train

"Tis' better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all"

NOT. Tis frequently heard of, that innocent bystanders face misery when they inadvertly come in between 2 gangs... ha ha .. that sounds like a walk in the park, compared to what happened to this innocent bysitter [moi] on the train yesterday.

Dusk was approaching and a slight drizzle had started. Dodging the muddy pools, I sped my way up to the 2nd floor platform and got into a compartment .... ok, cutting the boring story short;

I was sitting idly opening "CATCH-22", hoping to have a good read, when a young lady who looked 15 stomped in and literally pushed me out of the seat as she settled herself adjacent to me. She appeared really pissed off, i was about to give her a piece of my mind relating to taking out anger in public, when a sweaty pimply youth of 19 came breathlessly in. he quailed under the fire from her eyes, his expression akin to a sacrificial lamb.
She plopped her bag next to her free side to prevent him from settling there, so he sat on the other side of ... me. It was like 'pati, patni aur woh'.. rather like 'girlfriend, innocent bysitter aur sheepish boyfriend'
then the torrent started both in words inside the compartment and in the heavens outside of it.
He had apparently "Treated a girl like a house wife"
did he "expect her to wait for him daily till 6.30"? why should she care of he works out?
[ although, I speculate that that action of his might've actually initiated some interest on her part. ]
yes, very relevant questions all. He had nothing to offer by means of answers. He smiled.
He could have stuck needles into his eyes instead. Because that enraged her further - 'She was talking seriously and what did he mean by laughing at her?'
then there was a brief quiet spell, I actually, managed to finish the preface and go on to the first chapter.
Boy turned to me suddenly, toward her actually and very eloquently said "Hi". No reaction.
He shot his hand out in front of my and his girl's faces and waved it. She turned now.
No words. she resumed her normal position again. He then proceeded to state that:
'excuse him but he had said hi'. magic of undefeatable logic.
The lady now went from shrill to supersonic, she stuck her arm out to him [ and also me as I was right in between them] and shook it threateningly.
'Stop it', she said,'I am trying not to hit you in public' [hidden implication being that she hits him a lot in private. snickers] 'I don't want to create a scene here' [ a little bit too late for that I should say, she had created a whole epic complete with drama, emotions, love, tragedy and comedy. had she hit him, it would have served the purpose of the mandatory action sequences required.]

I would've stayed on just to watch if our action-oriented anti-heroine had bashed her sorry boyfriend [ who had just come in from gym, mind you. she was anorexic. so picture the girl beating the guy.] but my father had unfortunately taken it upon himself to take me home from the station. So very unwillingly I stepped out to my station just as things were getting interesting. The last I saw of the couple was him inching closer to his lady love, the barrier dividing them [ moi again] not longer existing and her just looking at him in expectation.
the ending that lovers walking in to the sunset are made of.
And they lived sappily error after...

On a note of being 'Unhooked and Happy' :)

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Biz Gyan

I have decided on what I am going to be when I grow up. I will be a manager Honcho who spews out words like 'risk prediction', 'liquidity', 'cash flow reserves', ' predictive initiatives' , all with a superior smirk for a gaping audience. That inspiration I got from the first session of my seminar on Business Knowledge today, the second session was apparently good too. only I was not awake to reap the riches. I woke up just when the speaker started to ask questions, on the session taken, in order to while away time pleasantly. I was just 2 people away from that guy all the time and that had not stopped me from a great pre-lunch nap. But the very same position now held the threat of me being the target of a question that I will definitely not know the answer to...
Thanks to the large head of a mallu guy in front, I was shielded from this potentially embarressing situation.

A horrible lunch later, I attended the session by a lady I made friends with of late. She was plagued by a rival team demanding the conference room that very instant, she didn't let go, but had gotten nervous. The results were predictably lukewarm. I still feel like I have rolled out of the top of eiffel tower without a parachute on. I could really do with one of jeevs' famous pick-me-ups.
on that sleepy note, as I go sleepwalking to my work,

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Re-kindling the dead flames

Yesterday was DG’s [devil-guy] birthday, and I wished him today. He supposedly confirmed with his mother and let me know how wrong I was chronologically. I think his actual mother was a jackal; I do remember the story of Omen.

But ‘dread fascination’ is as old a characteristic of a human as dreams. You deeply dislike something but you enjoy mentions of it. Makes life interesting. Why else would people be interested in Bikers, Witches and Devil-worshippers? Me- I enjoy any tit-bits I get about anything even remotely mysterious or evil. I am really hopeless about this. So I like keeping in touch with DG. I have Pumpkin to thank for the great clarification he provided in my mind with respect to DG.

So my liking for forbidden subjects leads most people to believe I am very vile, while on the contrary I am quite a purist. But V, the eternal questioner has asked me many times, ‘would you judge people who date or marry inappropriately?’
‘ Would you dislike me if I married a younger guy or a much older man?’.
I am very much against me doing any of these things and will even try to talk her out if she considers them, but ultimately I will stand by any decision my friend chooses to make.
Truth is, I can’t dislike V or Pumpkin even if they harm me wantonly, as one has done already. I will always remember them even if they choose to break off contact.
The conflicts that deep affection brings are myriad and all painful.
But these are my feelings and I will acknowledge them. My sister has tried to convince me to forget old friendships that did not work out, quite unsuccessfully I must say. I have to admit that I even wanted to try , then I realized there is no way I can actual achieve that. There are a million things that will remind me anyway. So many things bring 2 people as friends and when they are apart, the very same things let them know that they don’t have that precious friend anymore.


PS: In my defense, I was running a high fever when I wrote this. I am anything but sentimental.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

News Bits of no use

Hello and welcome to the news that is of no use. We are pleased to supply unwanted information for the simple pleasure of seeing you unhappy. Moving on to our section-wise detailed news.
Statistics & Surveys:
My contacts grew by approximately 1249735 today, according to a survey by AC Nielson and ORG Marg combined. Actually, I joined a nifty forum- the people there are pretty standard, they discuss stuff that is important/pleasant to discuss, I met so many people who's profile is the same as mine.
Weird Tabloid stuff:
Nice to know that you were not the product of mutation due to irradiation, or that the stork dropped you twice on your head before delivering you to your address.Most of all its great that your actual parents from Madeupplace-X didn't pack you off in a crummy space craft because you were born really ugly[even by alien standards].

Lifestyles and Entertainment:
I got a chance to post an avatar of myself in this forum, so I chose the one that was exactly opposite of how I am, to represent me. Naturally, she is stunningly beautiful. Then this guy comes along, and his avatar is the boyfriend of my avatar. Hmm... relationships are very difficult. Even Barbie dumped Ken, so there is no reason why me in my Disney Avatar should not abandon my useless Disney boyfriend and go for Batman[ aka Bruce Wayne = Super hero+multi-millionaire, what more could anyone want anyway?].The reason for my having joined this forum had been effectively put in the back burner to die slowly.

I visited my junior's blog today- it was a black-n-white affair, full of logos of the various forums and brands under his patronage. A far cry from his friend's slick and self-promotry blog. both good in their own counts. I really have to do something to jazz this place up, right now its very vanilla, and that is the description that has never been used with regard to me since I have been very much a choclate with tutty-fruity[didnt say nuts hah ahahah].
News Closer Home:
I was privileged to bring my sister very bad news yesterday, having checked her results online.
so clap your hands and call me 'Harbinger of evil academic news to sibling'. Not a very kodak moment.
Not Lost but Found Section:
I found V's casettes and CDs in my room yesterday, so if you are reading this, remind me to return them to you.
Business/IT Page: Microsoft:
I have decided to join some satanic cult and curse Microsoft for making Xp and selling it to me, last week my system crashed for the zillionth time and I have switched to another os now. So I am having the rookie user problems now. Nevertheless, the assurance that my operating system will not be a homing beacon to all worms,viruses and other such cyber-contagion is a fact that relieves me. So boo to gates, unless he is willing to share even 10% of his wealth with me.
speaking of contagions, I am prevented by my very appealing runny nose and my hypnotically watery eyes from posting any further curses and bickerings.
For further needless negetivity, return to this blog.

On that 'Thank you, Come again' note,

Monday, September 13, 2004

How was weekend?

I really wonder about this Monday vs. Weekend syndrome. The very same pepped up individuals who wished you ‘A Happy Weekend’ verbally, musically, accompanied by dance and mostly via mail, drag their steps and have their faces elongated by forces other than gravity when they meet you on Monday. The same people enquire ‘How was weekend’ with a sigh like they were asking about the memories of a recently dead beloved puppy/grandmother. And most importantly, they don’t care to listen to the reply;
You could have very well said, ‘yeah, I dug a hole and reached Fiji. Where I met Brad Pitt surfing[ wouldn’t that be the day], he asked me out… one thing led to another and we have set the date for exactly one hour after his divorce with Jen is legally pronounced.’ ‘you might as well start calling me Pitt’. [ what an unfortunate name, he had to be goodlooking to survive with this through high school]
The above statement would have made a very wooden statue flash its eyes but not the Monday-haters, they will smile mistily and say ‘Hmm.. yeah well’. [ what you said, sounds to them like ‘ bleh blah blue blunk blaha’]

The worst thing about Monday is waking up in the morning. But that is the case for every other day too. So as far as I am concerned, Monday is like every other day.

People who hate Mondays are those who like to think that their weekends were very cool and that if it could’ve been extended, that they would’ve had a blast. I say ‘like to think’
because the very same species, I know for a fact, spend their time watching ‘Walking with the Dinosaurs’ or ‘Walker, Texas Ranger’. Worse when some of these mammals crowd up and try to outdo one another in a contest of who has the most number of trivia about Gates and Torvalds. One thing would lead to the other [just like my supposed date with Brad, only in the extremely different way] and finally the group will be at each others throats in a debate about Linux vs. Windows.

The other extreme is occupied by those rare individuals who actually have a social life. These creatures have plans for weekends that doesn’t involve fatty foods, Telly, cleaning and parents. These people actually enjoy their weekends in the company of others, doing cool stuff like ‘Hangin’ , ‘Chillin’, ‘Checking Out’, ‘Killin Time’..etc. and many other such stimulating pursuits. So every Monday for them is the promise of the next wonderful weekend. These are the people that the Monday haters steer clear of, because the happy people will not mind elucidating their good times and that would reproduce the same reaction that Marie got when she cheerfully suggested that the starved crowd consume pastries if bread had run out.

I belong to the middle earth category [ I am not a hobbit, a little bit of an elf perhaps]. I welcome weekends because it means I don’t have to be anywhere from 9-6, don’t have to get mail from people, don’t have to answer them,…many many such benefits exist. I don’t have exciting times at fabulous places with gorgeous people. But I love crashing over at my friends’, catching a movie perhaps, having hours of conversations with the people I like, getting into a book while my music plays in the background.
I know fully well that if I don’t have 5 weekdays, then my weekends wouldn’t be special at all; and that it would mean I am unemployed, which is the last thing I want to be, with the exception of being Laloo Prasad Yadav.
So I welcome Monday and the possibilities it brings for the entire upcoming week. That is once I am up from bed I welcome Monday.

On that cheery note on a great Monday that holds the promise of a wonderful week ahead,

Friday, September 10, 2004

New beginnings in the old office

One small train journey for Rain, a giant step in support for the client. I am back in the city office where I first reported before being sent to the new out-of-the-entire-planet office towards the end of my role, in the latter place I have spent 2.5 eventful weeks doing research on ‘how long exactly does it take to drive a sane person crazy when they have absolutely nothing to do’. Now I am back here that too for a long period of 7 days. After that back to the Old new office to resume my duties there in greater detail.

So in a nutshell, I am going back and forth so fast and equally such that they cancel themselves out and according to the Laws of Physics [which I abuse frequently in the blog; but at all times I am better than Tollywood stunt directors, who have no-^#$*ing-idea that such a thing as Newton’s laws exist]. Thus we come to the conclusion that Rain is at equilibrium; hence she must be standing still. Maybe not all of her, but that grayish oozy stuff inside her shapely skull [one more controversial topic] is staying perfectly still and is giving a very good impression of not being there at all. Thousands swear by this.

I can see the headlines in ‘who cares a damn times’ as :
Our investigators have only been able to produce circumstantial evidence to support the presence of this organ- that being the unusual pull of waves towards Rain when she is near a water body. But, her sister has countered that by suggesting that the pull could’ve been due to the rest of her immense self, rather than the hypothetical think machine that accounts for 1/8th the weight.

Small amount of good stuff exist:
A] my new boss thinks that I am crazy- due to my appalling [to him] reactions to his mail asking me to come to the old city office for a week. The reaction consisted of 3-4 mails sent consecutively asking him to understand that the sender is not a paranoid schizophrenic but is quite longing to work, while successfully conveying the very opposite.
B] he came to my new old seat in the old city office and found me, in the same order as his visits; 1] downloading unnecessary stuff [read free audio player software for a system which does not have a sound card. In lay terms, buying a boombox for a deaf guy],
2]checking mail from my very mature batch mates [ plz interpret the content in bold italics a being mildly sarcastic] which dealt with one of the guys’ lovelife written artistically and subtlely in 38 font sized lime green and red bold letters of Lucida Console.
[heh heh , you will never find out what the third one is… this I leave to your diseased imaginations]

so much for the first day back. Weekend is approaching, let the Party start.
On a note of having a meeting in 15 minutes for which I have not yet started preparing,

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Reunion Day

Today was good in a very 'Hallmark movie' way. There was this guy who sent me an email with a pretty shocking subject so that I would read the mail; which incidentally was not at all what I expected it to be [ because I am one of those crazy people who think subjects are relevant to the mails]. He just wanted to take focus away from the fact that he had not contacted me in a while.He shall from now on be called 'Pumpkin'

Anyway, his trick worked, my legs have been pulled longer by him[ I fell for the farce with all the grace of a duck on a oily floor]. I wished for god to continue to bless the man, or should it be maan...[try saying it in an imitation of some rasta man, bob marley, if you will]

Also this girl I used to know,Who Pumpkin has christened 'Vinimise' had a really long conversation with me. I feel like I am closer to her now more than all those days when we sat together in training. She is in another city now, quite far away. Pretty lonely and homesick. I was like that a few months back. Now I am fine, I wish that these set of people (S, L,Vinimise and P) come home and be happy soon.

I am in contact with my school friend V, who is one of the few sane people who thinks that I may amount to something in life... So right now, friends-wise I am very rich. I wish I was rich cash-wise too. Like the button buddy "To be so beautiful and not rich..."
ok, its not remotely relevant to me, but I can say it is, I can say many other much believable things- Ladies and gentlemen, I come from my home planet madeupplace-X in the outer orbit of Pluto.

On that very true note, finding some gentlemen in black attire hovering near me, I sign off

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

My First Movie Review

There are times in life when a highly wonderful book gets made into a very good movie, it occurs rarely but Lord of the Rings- Fellowship of the Ring is one such example.

Peter Jackson has done great work- the casting is close to perfect, the sequences of fantasy have been brought alive (check out the scapes of Rivendell), the movie remains quite faithful to the book. I said quite because the escapades in the great forest, Tom Bombadil, the extended anecdotes at the Prancing Pony have all been cut short so that the audience can go home for the day and not have to set up camp in the theatre.
The surprise package is Viggio Mortenson. He is what I think would be the personification of 'Dumb Blonde' in the previous movie that I saw of his (as gwenyth palthrow's painter-lover).
So I was quite aghast that he should've been chosen to play the 'tall, dark, very handsome and kingly' Aragon. Thankfully, he didnt ham at all and lent a very rugged and human version of Stryder.

The best character would be Sam Gamgee. I know most people would be rooting for Frodo, but let me tell you - all through the 3 movies, he looks sadly with big huge eyes filling with tears and grows weaker and weaker. If you have seen any other movie starring him, he would've have emoted the same too. But sam has been played so close to the book version of the character that its quite gratifying for a faithful reader to watch the movie.
My personal favorite, both in the book and the movie has been undoubtedly, Legolas. There is an extremely Ram-like look and appeal to this elven prince played by Orlando Bloom( who is so pretty and useless otherwise that he could be the next Bond Girl even though he is being considered as the next Bond). Admit it, there is some thing really cool about this fair-haired, pointy-eared, light-footed archer elf even if it be an admiration of his heightened perceptions.
He even has a goddamned chemistry with the natural enemy the dwarf prince Gimli, whom he hates first!!! if it were to be made in bollywood then legolas and gimli would have realised their love for each other by interval and crossed all the obstructions in their path and gotten together towards the end of the movie. that intrinsically includes a family song (imagine elves and dwarfs dancing together to a 'Sooraj Barjatya' tune), a rain song, a sad song and a 'i-think-i'm-in-love' song. I think I have begun to freak myself out here so I will stop about the odd couple.

There is no need to discuss the story itself, for its a classic and all people have to necessarily have read it in order for them to consider their life complete. [ Aren't you guys glad that I am not education minister?!!]

Next point I would like to cover is why am I giving my views about the movie that came out 2 years ago? Simple, I didn't see it then. There was a person who promised to watch the movie with me when a digitally enhanced version would hit the theatres in 25years time (like star wars did) since I had missed the giant screen enjoyment. Let's see if that happens acording to plan.
Since I doubt that very much, I went ahead and rented the VCD to watch over the weekend (which went very well thanks, any time away from office without pay-cut is 'goodtime').

On that very personal note from my tragic memories box, I close this post.

Three rings for the elven kings under the sky,
Seven for the Dwarf lords in their stone halls,
Nine for the mortal men doomed to die,
One for the dark lord in his dark throne.

In the land of Mordor where the shadows lie,
One Ring to rule them all, one ring to find them
one ring to bring them all and in the darkness, bind them.
In the land of Mordor where the shadows lie.


Friday, September 03, 2004

Crystal ball wishes

Ok, so looks like I am stuck with the job I got; Unless I quit, and there is no point in that. On a lighter note, the week is up and the end is slightly extended to cover the dreaded Monday as well. There is going to be the celebration of the birth of a beautiful baby boy in the tretha yuga (which in English is a long time ago) – Sri Krishna
I went to the blog of a person I have spent some time with in the recent past, whom I greatly admire and my ‘admiration’ has only increased. Too bad that person no longer remembers that I exist. [wow that makes me look supercool in front all you unknown people]
Even otherwise, it don’t matter at all.
coming to the point that the title is all about. If i could wish for something to happen in my recent future and it would happen that would be a Crystal Ball wish.
So there are these 2 guys- one is a super genius and other the super jerk from charm school[means he is the devil but damn he can be charming] both of them and me , we all want the same thing. I hope that me and the genius guy get through.

With regard to my job, I don’t see myself doing this crap for long. I have some ideas/wishes; one really specific one-which will absolutely change my life.
I pray that it comes true for me. There will be multi-fold advantages in this.

But my last and may I say extremely unprepared attempt at the idea has left me with very little confidence. Let’s see, good things happen to good people –right? [yeah it better be that way, because good girls don't have any fun otherwise]
So my good thing should happen and then I start my steps towards world domination [Muah haha ha hah a- translation: Evil laugh]
Here is a prophecy:[serious]
“R[me] will have success to make it to the place she wants to go to and will be doing the thing she wants to do by this time next year”

By the grace of god it will come true. I am even keeping my eyes,ankles and toes crossed along with my fingers. That is the most scientific way to work for this goal of mine. Oh yeah this other thing called Hard work is also a good utility, hope that this Janmashtami drills into my thick skull the importance of sweating it out for the greater good of ... myself. [geez, i am not Mother Teresa whaddya want from me anyhoo?!!!]
on that very cute note of self absorption I take leave,

Wednesday, September 01, 2004


You know how I had said "watch out the space below this one" ?
Hee Hee I could not have been wronger [ ok my English teachers are going to kill me on this one, but this could be one more addition from me to english language like crappity which was invented in the year 1998 by me, my friend B [ i wonder if she calls me 'friend' anymore ?!!] and my other friend J [she is doing so stunningly well that I am so HAPPY for her!! ]] . the correction stands as: watch the space above this one , where this refers to the previous post which is presently below this one. hope you are not disoriented.

so I do have to relate my post to the title I have given, so I am putting in some of the quotes by George Bush Jr. Only these have convinced me that not only India but any country in the world can take up US if this guy is going to be calling the shots!!! [ WARNING: do not ask me my official position on Indian politicians, I might be arrested for my views]

The category of "Bushisms" has even been recognized by inclusion in the Oxford Dictionary of Phrase, Saying and Quotation.

Our nation must come together to unite.

I am mindful not only of preserving executive powers for myself, but for predecessors as well.

In my sentences I go where no man has gone before.

One of the common denominators I have found is that expectations rise above that which is expected.

There's not going to be enough people in the system to take advantage of people like me.

We are ready for any unforeseen event which may or may not happen.

For every fatal shooting, there were roughly three non-fatal shootings. And, folks, this is unacceptable in America. It's just unacceptable. And we're going to do something about it.

One of the great things about books is sometimes there are some fantastic pictures.

I mentioned early on that I recognize there are hurdles, and we're going to achieve those hurdles. [1/22/2003]

People that are really very weird can get into sensitive positions and have a tremendous impact on history.

It's clearly a budget. It's got a lot of numbers in it.

I understand small business growth. I was one.

Will the highways on the Internet become more few?

We cannot let terrorists hold this nation hostile or hold our allies hostile.

There's an old saying in Tennessee -- I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee...that says, fool me once, shame on...shame on you. Fool can't get fooled again. [9/17/2002]

I heard from this guy A that kerry is equally ridden with the foot in the mouth disease. maybe i will get a few quotable quotes from him too!!!

Sorry for the delay

I have been quite busy doing a lot of NOTHING for the last few weeks. so I havent filled my blog with the vaccum that i could've filled it with - oh my god, could I be any more wrong with respect to physics?!!!

ok you got me.I have been reading the transcripts of F.R.I.E.N.D.S :D
god I miss all that crap. My father says it never rains here cos the people are sinners. I think conditional access system is implemented only here because people here are sinners :p

so the plan is to fill out as many posts today as I can to make up for all the times that I didnt post. so watch out the space below this one, for further posts from me...Yippeeee